Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party Survival Guide... for holiday fat prevention

There's sugar everywhere.  Cake in the office.  Chocolate in class.  Cookies on the counter because of that night I had a craving to bake... and made a double batch.  Good thing there is a boyfriend to eat all those up...

Sugar sugar sugar, it's holiday time and I can't get away from it.  This week I have five (yes, five) holiday parties to attend.  How am I going to keep from wrecking my my whole Don't-Gain-Weight-In-December plan?

Here's some hints, for me AND you!

1. Eat before you go - always works.  Even if I cannot resist the goodies completely, if I have a good meal before I head out to a party I know I've already had as many calories and proteins as I need.  Anything else I eat (or drink) is just extra to burn off.

2. Get up in the morning (or sometime) for some exercise!  The last think I feel like doing is pulling early mornings when I know there are going to be some late nights, but it makes a difference.  Even if all I'm accomplishing is maintaining my weight where it's at, that's better than gaining the average 2 or 3 holiday pounds!

3. Stop and evaluate before you put it in your mouth.  Look the whole table over. Pick three things you really want to try and forget the rest (and make it reasonable portion sizes).

4. Bring your own healthy snack to the party that you know is a go-to when you have a craving.  Every time you really feel like you should be munching on something, there's your low calorie healthy snack waiting to occupy your hands and mouth instead of the Oreo bon-bons and chocolate-by-death cake.

5. Drink a lot of water, and cut down on everything else.  Not only will it make you eat less, it will make you drink less worthless calories.

6. When all else fails, gum.  If you keep some minty gum in your purse for emergencies, you won't be tempted just to grab something from the table when you're walking by or just take a sip of someones eggnog.

Good Luck! Don't be too hard on yourself, just remember it's about having fun, not being sick of sugar and too much to drink!

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