Friday, December 16, 2011

High Five Friday!

Guess what, it's Friday!  Here's five great things about my week that deserve a high five! And... it's Friday, so you get one anyway.  Please share your own high five in comments!

1. END OF FINALS.  So, I still have one more in about an hour, but that's okay because one more final, two more choir performances and it's Christmas Break!

2. 360 Chocolate Flavored Vodka.  Wow. Got to try it last night and YUM.  That could be dangerous for me this holiday season.

3. I got some presents wrapped, finally.  Boyfriend is going home for Christmas so I let him start a little early... he got to open one last night and he loved it :) My family has a tradition of Hallmark ornaments every year so I got him an Indiana Jones figurine.

4.  I got to the gym three times this week! YAY it feels so good. Can't wait for a little break time so I can whip myself back into shape!

Me and my better half :) It was cold!

5. Christmas lights :)  More and more going up around the city and I love them!  Also got to go to Botanica for Illuminations last weekend and it was so beautiful.  Reminded me almost of Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. Almost.

Give me your high fives! Happy Friday and Merry Christmas :)

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