Thursday, December 15, 2011

My hair savior - The Small Things Blog

Sometimes you just find a blog that is fantastic.  I've got to share this one with you!  While browsing through Pinterest the other day, I stumbled upon The Small Things Blog and I am absolutely IN LOVE!

Kate, the author of The Small Things Blog offers loads of great hair tips and style ideas. I watched one of her videos and used what I learned the next morning.  I haven't had so many compliments on my hair in awhile!

The number one tip I found through her site (this is going to blow your mind) is that you're supposed to put bobby pins in zig-zag side DOWN.

I simply do not understand how I made it through 21 years of doing my hair and never learned this little thing.  This little thing makes a BIG difference!  I've never before been able to get my hair to stay up in a messy bun using just pins.  By simply turning them over, I got it to stay all day with just FOUR!

Find her latest post here.  I found out about the bobby pin trick through reading some comments on a previous post, and then ironically a couple days later she wrote a post about it! Take time to read some hair posts and watch a couple videos, she really has some great ideas!

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