Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Finals Wisdom (a beer to relax is usually a bad idea while cramming)

Finals week. A time of late nights, terrible junk food, procrastination, and finally relief.  Having spent hours on papers and projects, pressing the submit button on my Philosophy final felt fantastic. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Funny how I've had more time in the past two days to get to the gym than the whole semester!  Yep, I went two days in a row.  I can see a wonderful picture of me in a little black dress on New Year's Eve already...


For those of you still in the midst of finals, here are my best cramming tips I've learned throughout the years.  They do not involve alcohol, so don't look for it (these are for if you actually want to do well on your tests) ...

1. Keep healthy snacks near you.  You are going to want food, and munching on carrots, nuts, or grapes will keep your mind much more focused than sugar or worthless carbs.
2. Do it in sections, and take a lot of breaks.  There's only so much time you can stare at one page or computer screen.  Taking little breaks can actually cut down on your time because you are more productive when you come back.
3. If you can, move around during those breaks!  Go to the gym for half an hour, take a walk, or just do jumping jacks in your bedroom if nothing else. Moving will help you think clearer and memorize material more quickly.
4. Sleep as much as you can... then get a good breakfast and a lot of coffee.
5. Do not, under any circumstances, log onto Facebook.

Good luck! 
P.S. I just joined Pinterest and I'm obsessed.  More to come.

I've spent hours trying to find a new blog template/background that I like, and so far I just haven't.  You might see some changes and experimentation... I want something better!


  1. lol Thanks for the tips. :) Aaaand I'd like to add a Number 6 - Don't log into Pinterest.

    It's my new procrastination obsession. Especially since I can do it on my phone.

  2. no kidding!!! so easy to get on and waste 20 minutes or more